What Are The Types Of Blackout Cellular Shades

The cellular window shades are defined by the structured cell layer of fabric that is kept between the two outer layers of material. All top down bottom up blackout shades have a standard function, and that is to restrict the entry of light primarily and to provide insulation to the heat and cold of the outside.  It could well be said that there are as many types of honeycomb shades as there are the uses for them. However, over the years the cellular window blinds have brought about some defining characteristics to the product which in essence sets each type apart.

  1. Optilight

As the very term would signify, these types of honeycomb shades are meant to provide the most optimum level of lighting to a room. The materials used in the shades are of the sheer variety that tends to let in the most light. Most of the common uses of the product category are to protect the harmful Ultra Violet component of the sun’s rays.

The Optilight cellular shades are commonly used in classrooms and such spaces that could do with the right amount of light. In all fairness, these types of cellular blinds online could be the most expensive ones too.


What Are The Types Of Blackout Cellular Shades

What Are The Types Of Blackout Cellular Shades


  1. Grand Blackout

The very intention of using this type of cellular blackout shade is to provide the best mask out of the light. It could be said that the darker the room can be done; the better is the role of the shades. Most of these types of construction are done with the sides of the shades run along guides to make a correct fit to the space as possible.

Most of the frequent instances of the Grand Blackout cellular shades are done with the very thick fabric being used to form the outer layers of the blinds. It helps to use the darker shades as compared to the lighter colored fabric as well.

  1. Silk Blackout Cellular Shades

This type of window treatment is done to make the room as presentable and good looking as possible. The more common areas that make use of the silk backed shades are the bedrooms, nurseries and media presentation halls. Silk has a luxurious appearance which comes to be handy in making the rooms done with this kind of blackout cellular shades look very presentable.

Although the most common color shade used with the silk is black, it is entirely possible to customize the appearance by using different shades of silk cloth as well as introduce shallow patterns and designs too. Most spaces that do use this type of cellular shades do use a fair bit of customization as well to make it fit better to the conditions.

What to conclude

Despite the range of options that comes to play when choosing the blackout cellular shades, the final need to provide a blackened out interior gets to play center stage. The variations in the design are more to handle the need to appear different.

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