Top 11 Safety tips when Travelling

Personal safety is the most important thing which you should consider when traveling. Whether you want to go to a modern place or wild forest, you should update to date the following tips to make your trip safe.

Buy travel insurance

Buy travel insurance

In Vietnam, the purchase of travel insurance is often dismissed due to the price of travel insurance is quite expensive for Vietnamese. On the other side, Vietnamese always like something cheap, and they think that they do not really want to pay money for a travel insurance. However, if something suddenly happens during your trip, travel insurance will help you reduce your financial burden about cost and benefit. There are many insurance companies which you can concern, such as: Dai-ichi Life, Prudential, AIA… moreover, I suggest that you can book a flight ticket at Justfly, and they can suggest you the most suitable travel insurance for your trip. I tried and I felt satisfied about their services

Ensure the security of your house before leaving

That is not a necessary issue when you live with parents or you have other flat mates. However, you need to consider this issue when you live alone. Before you leaving, remember to lock all the door (included main doors and all the windows), turn off electrical appliances, keep your house’s key to your best friends, relatives or your family members who can keep their eyes in your house during this time. And of course, if you have a little friend (a cat or a dog), please send them to a safe place too. In case of your friends or family members who live far from you, it is a good idea when you can ask a neighbor to look after your house. Just want to make sure that when you come back your house, everything stays where they are.

Update an offline version of your destination’s local map, learn to use the compass

Smartphones are very popular now, so it is too simple for you to use an electronic map appliance, however, to make sure that you always can track where you are, please download an offline map version first, so you can always keep you on track even when you do not have network. In addition, it is better if you also bring a paper map with you when you want to go a forest or a wild place, nevertheless, a compass is necessary too.

A good physical healthy

A good physical healthy will help you enjoy the trip as much as possible. Imagine that you are preparing an exciting trekking, through the mountains, go through desert, it will be terrible if you only can go halfway because of your health. So, Inflow think it is better if you regularly check your health and before travelling. For example: To climb to the top of Fansipan without using the cable car, you will have to practice more than a month.

Buy walkie talkies when you go to the wild places

Buy walkie talkies when you go to the wild places

This tip is only necessary when you travel in group and the place you want to travel is far from modern places or do not have mobile phone signal

Do not carry expensive items

Rings, necklaces, expensive watches, … which can put you in the sight of robberies. If you have to bring them, please take them carefully and keep them in a safe place. Put them separate into some places, such as: wallet, luggage, backpack and the most important thing is always keep your eyes in them.

Keep your wallet carefully

Same with above.

Make copies of important personal documents

Passport, identity card, visa, … make some copies. This is to prevent you from losing your bag, which will make it easier for you to report to the embassy, ​​or at least, post a picture of a “dropping item”.

Inform your family members about your plan

Inform your family members about your plan

Of course, that does not mean you have to say it all to everyone. But your family, they have the right to know where you are going. Though, your family will know how to contact you when you have a problem even missing during your trip, your family will follow your plan to report it to the area authorities.

If you have a ride with a stranger, keep in mind their information.

It’s a good idea to take a picture of yourself: the license plates, the places you meet them, the faces of them. If you feel this is unnatural, invite them to “Selfie” and post them to social networks

Register to your national embassy

You can report your stay with the embassy. Please up to date the contact details of the Embassy of Vietnam in your country where you want to travel to.

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