Discovering 7 Best SEAFOOD restaurants in Da Nang

Not only is Da Nang known as interesting destinations, beautiful My Khe beach, friendly service and loveable people but it is also famous for rich and fresh seafood dishes with unexpected prices-one of attractions make tourist hard to ignore when mentioning to poet beach city in Da nang
Please join Adidau to find out Top 7 best seafood restaurants in Danang city –  anti-illiteracy – the top of the taste. This result doesn’t just be edited by some of the editors, its reply on the rating of tourist. Therefore, ensuring both objectiveness and quality.

Discovering 7 Best SEAFOOD restaurants in Da Nang

The good seafood restaurant’s address in Da Nang:

Bien Man seafood restaurant

Observations are the best teacher, coming to Bien Man seafood restaurant, you can completely enjoy how quality seafood. On the first step into the restaurant, you probably fell a warm atmosphere and friendly staff.
This is a good restaurant in Danang. Despite a little restaurant, which next to Han Bridge and not too rich seafood, it’s really ‘ perfect’
Anti-illiteracy prices but its service and the smell are hard to not satisfy. One person just spend an average of 100- 200 VND  a big meal

Address: 18 Hoang Sa Street, Phu My precinct, Son Tra district

Service time from 10 a.m to 11.30 p.m with full of seafood: shrimp, crab, oyster, spider crab… and special food like fighting-cock dish

  • Spacious and well-aired place
  • Fresh, delicious, nutritious and cheap seafood
  • Anti- illiteracy prices
  • Average cost: 100-200 VND/ person

Address: Lot 01, Son Tra district, Danang city

My Hanh restaurant

My Hanh restaurant is a good choice for tourist, who would like to enjoy quality seafood, because of perfect position,  located next to the center with a very airy view, which heads the sea.  To own meal quick more, you should book a table
Although the space is too wide it’s very polite and luxury. Coming here as if you are being in a big seafood granary because of having most fresh seafood in
The most favorite seafood dish is one-sunny-cuttle, which thick slice and sweet smell. Some tourist said that: they have never tasted the perfect baked cuttle before. The other seafood dishes such as shrimp, crab, spider crab,…is also fresh, alive, firm pulp, crisp and sweet. Of course, with a good quality, comparing to the other anti-illiteracy, My Hanh restaurant gets higher prices.


  • Extremely, qualitative, fresh big-sized seafood
  • In the central, easier to move
  • The good attitude service

Address: Lot 18, Phuoc My precinct, Son Tra district, Danang city.

Be Man seafood restaurant

Be Man seafood restaurant located on Vo Nguyen Giap street, Tra River district, Danang city.It’s a very famous restaurant in Danang, which on the way to the sea with anti-illiteracy style, friendly, well-aired and very busy
Coming to the restaurant, you will see much seafood, being alive on tank or pot. You just choose kind of seafood, which you want, request the staff help you weigh them and then come back your table.
in addition, the staff is very brisk and enthusiastic. Be Man seafood is divided into 2 business, but Be Man A seafood restaurant get higher quality. With anti-illiteracy prices, just spend approximately from 300 to 400 VND/person, you can eat to satiety


  • Spacious, well-aired, having view heads the sea
  • Very fresh seafood, choose for your favorite and they are processed by restaurant’s cook
  • Complete time: 4-5m/dishes
  • Average at the price
  • Tourist restaurant

Address: Lot 14, Hoang Sa street, Tra River district, Danang city

Ba Thoi seafood restaurant

Ba Thoi seafood restaurant’s address for tourist in the list of best seafood dishes in Danang with 30 experts of cook ones, stable prices, spacious.

Ba Thoi seafood restaurant
To be easier for the tourist to come and enjoy seafood dishes, Ba Thoi restaurant had extra new business in Mo Rong KDC 2 on Hoang Sa Street, Tra River district beside the seat on Le Dinh Duong street, Hai Chau district. In addition, the restaurant is spacious and tidy, security the food is put in the top ranking, so it has remained trade name for 30 years
In here, one of the main dishes is roasted seafood with tamarind such as Roasted cuttle with tamarind,  roasted Spider crab with tamarind, roasted shrimp with tamarind,… thick sauce with the sour and sweet smell, fresh seafood and firm pulp is quite tasty.
Moreover, you will very regret unless you enjoy some dishes like seafood hotpot, Cu fish hotpot when you call at here.


  • Spacious, beautifill, chrismatic.
  • Very fresh seafood
  • Expensive at the price

Address: 96, 98, 100 Le Dinh Duong street, Hoa Cam district, Danang

Instant seafood market

Instant seafood market located 3-way crossroads, which between Hoang Sa street and Le Duc Tho street, belongs to Tho Quang precinct, Son Tra district, Danang city

In the first coming, you get an amazed felling, because of quite abundant fresh seafood such as shrimp, cuttle, scallop, spider crab, snail,… both locals and the tourist  always call at here to taste them every day
in this market, one of the specialties is nearly overcharges and the business is very quick and tidy. The reason Instant seafood market named was simply that after finishing to buy, you can bring them to close -store to process for your favorite.
It costs approximately 20.000-40.000 VND/ dish. So many people usually kidding calling: ‘ Instant seafood’. Based on your hobby, it’s possible to book all the dishes: boiled, pan-fried, sauteed, grilled with dried onion. Although it is not expensive, having the standard dish with full of side dishes such as spices, mashed salt with peppercorn and lemon juice
as Calling your attention to buying seafood
© on the full moon day, you shouldn’t buy crab or spider crab because of flabby pulp and lost the smell. So the sentence: ‘Crab shouldn’t buy on the full moon day ‘ passed from generation to generations.
© to avoid the weight error,  carrying a beer can or a water bottle to compare. If having any doubts, you should retest them.

Sea-crab store restaurant – near-shore seafood

Sea-crab store restaurant located on Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Son Tra district, Danang city. It has full kind of fresh seafood such as abalone, sweet snail, lobster, …but sea crab dish stands the top of all the courses.
crab’s pulp is fresh, the sauce is good, especially crab hot pot is a dish, liked most. Besides, chip chip is fat and sweet smell. Snail’s pulp is firm, seafood is fresh, cooked carefully. So they have no fishy smell.


  • Can view the beauty of seaside, spacious and tidy place, decorated by wooden table is quite luxury and polite
  • Fresh and rich seafood
  • Enthusiastic and brisk service
  • Tasty dishes
  • Anti-illiteracy prices: 100-200VND/ person

Address: Lot 10, Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Son Tra district, Danang city

Nam Beo – seafood pub

Nam Beo seafood pub located at the head of Dragon Bridge. Although the restaurant’s space is not too big, it rather wide and tidy. Not owning dishes a lot but it willing to cook every dish as carefully as possible. So most dishes always reach the perfect level. It has not only seafood but also specialty of land’s food: Roti fried cock, roasted frog with lemon leaves, baked beef, pig’s tough dish…but seafood still keeps position strength. There is no specialty land’s dish becomes outstanding. On the other hand, both the boss and the staff is very zealous, loveable and friendly.


  • In front of the restaurant is well-aired and wind-swept
  • Tasty dishes, some unusual food for a drink
  • Quite busy, having both the locals and tourist
  • Young and enthusiastic staff
  • Average prices: 60-80 VND/ dish; simply appetizer: 30-40 VND; hot pot: 150VND/ pot

Address: 18, 19, 20 Vo Van Kiet Street, Son Tra district, Da Nang city

Hoping that thanks to some information about best seafood restaurant’s address in Danang, it is easier for you to look for the most attractive and delicious one to enjoy.

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