Matcha Madness: Benefits Of Drinking Matcha Green Tea

Matcha has boosted its popularity in 2016, and since then, it took over coffee shops, restaurants, and stores, making people curious about it. It has rich and healthy flavor. Matcha is an effective tea that has been cherished by monks for centuries.

Just like the typical green tea, matcha also has some incredible health benefits. Matcha tea is more superior than the other average beverages. It has 15 times additional nutrients and is the ideal detox tea that can help stabilize blood sugar, boost the immune system, and boost metabolism.

High Antioxidant Level

Matcha has catechins, which is a compound in tea that acts as antioxidants. Antioxidants help in stabilizing destructive free radicals, which can damage cells and cause chronic disease. Matcha powder is a pure leaf. If you add hot water, it’ll have more catechins and antioxidants. In fact, catechins in matcha are 137 times higher than the other types of green tea.

Catechin Loaded (EGCg)

Antioxidants are not all equal in terms of quality. Such is the case of catechin. Catechins are the most potent and beneficial among other antioxidants. Green tea consists of a particular set of catechins, one particular catechin that is in the Matcha green tea is the epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg).

In all antioxidants, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg) has the properties for fighting cancer, and Matcha green tea consists over a 100 time more than any other common tea.

Makes Liver Healthy

The liver is one of the most vital organs in the digestive system, and matcha helps protect the liver against toxins. Other green tea extracts reduce liver enzyme levels. 15 studies found that drinking matcha green tea could prevent liver damage and decrease the risk of liver disease.

Enhances Concentration and Brain Function

For centuries, Japanese monks and Chinese Daoists drink Matcha green tea for relaxation and meditation. This state of awareness is due to the L-Theanine amino acid, which is one of the nutrients of Matcha leaf. Theanine helps the construction of alpha waves in the brain which generates relaxation and calmness.

L-theanine increases alpha wave movement in the brain, which helps decrease stress levels. Another effect of theanine is the production of dopamine and serotonin. These chemicals help improve attention, memory, and reaction time.

Protects the Immune System

The catechins found in Matcha green tea have antibiotic characteristics which help improve health. In fact, one cup of Matcha green tea has significant quantities of Potassium, Iron, Calcium, Protein, and vitamins A and B. These nutrients can prevent the attacks of HIV on human T-cells.

Matcha is full of health-promoting compounds and chemicals, which is potent for cancer prevention. These compounds prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body. Also, a critical benefit of matcha is that it can decrease the possibility of having heart disease.

Good for the Skin

Matcha powder has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce the risks of having chronic skin conditions. Matcha can also improve overall complexion and treats some of the skin disorders. One product of Matcha is the “Matcha Tea Face Mask,” which reduce the signs of aging and blemishes.


Matcha green tea is one of the healthiest teas this planet has. It comes from the same plant as green tea. The only difference is that it has more amount of antioxidants and potent plant compounds which benefits everyone.

Matcha green tea is acknowledging because of the various health benefits which can prevent cancer and lessen the risks of having heart disease.

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Top Rated Best Platform Bed Frame Under $500

After a hard- work day, you come back home and only have a unique expectation that having a roll on your bed, it’s so uncomfortable when your bed does not give all you need. That’s why we want to show Platform Bed Frame Under $500 marvel products or your budget under $500, find a platform bed frame here: Making sure that you will satisfy it.

Top Rated Best Platform Bed Frame Under $500 on Amazon

Top Rated Best Platform Bed Frame Under $500


Do you want to own a smart platform bed- It does not only provide bed for you but also contains a lot of convenient things like fashionable drawer and useful headboard. Really regret if you do not call at us- Prepac Manhattan Full Tall Bookcase Platform Storage Bed in Espres to find out and choose the best bed immediately.


  • Using under full or double-sized beds and mattresses.
  • Headboard suit not only standard  but also XL full/double-sized beds
  • Drawers are substantial  with firm wood slide on metal runners, built with safety lock
  • In every drawer before, there are figures pulls at the bottom to find  easy to open
  • Headboard has 8 storages, designed with lots of different sizes

Modus Furniture VE23F4

What do you think about the best platform bed? Of course, it has to ensure both look and quality. Modus Furniture VE23F4 Veneto Platform Bed, Full, Espresso-contain all.that’s reason why our products are rated most full of stars. Now, coming and carry them back home.


  • Structural Platform bed includes 12 hardwood slats and accompany center slat with attaching center legs.
  • Made from tropical mahogany solid wood, birch wood veneer
  • Modus Furniture  is not too snobbish design, so it’s suitable for your bedroom
  • Solid wood lip over bed rails and enclosed headboard panel make the bed more and more quality, luxury and strength.

Baxton Studio Norwich Linen Modern Platform Bed

How is it great if you have a luxurious Platform bed like yourself? The product is designed most padded material will make you be in the castle, especially it helps you avoid getting series of sickness about back, neck and spine…it only settle in Baxton Studio Norwich Linen Modern Platform Bed, King, Light Beige.


  • The headboard is in Beige linen tufted blend upholstery with wings
  • Sized- King platform bed( includes slats without springs box)
  • Polyurethane foam( ca117 anti-fire)
  • It also has footboard, and side rails

Modus Furniture RV26F7

A platform bed with Chocolate Brown color and sized- King, Modus Furniture RV26F7 Riva Platform Bed, it will make your bedroom more and more luxurious, fashionable.ensuring that, nobody does like to decorate the room on your own so why do not you go and choose one of our products to bring back home.


  • Modus Furniture is a modern design, which headboard pattern is cut by laser and surfaces covered with smooth panel
  • Be designed by Mahogany firm wood, Basswood veneer, low-emission engineered wood.
  • Be practiced many steps by hand so it still remains the wood’s natural grain
  • Spare parts and bed material is metal so it finds easy to assembly, reassembly, and long-term durability.

Baxton Studio

With good quality, luxurious design. We believe that Baxton Studio Hirst Platform Bed, Queen, Gray will carry to you a satisfied and safe feeling. Make from 100% wonderful material, 2 main colors (gray and light beige), 2 sizes( King and Queen). what do you regret anything without coming and choosing a marvel product to bring to home?


  • Upholstery is gray linen
  • Sized-King platform bed (contain slats box without box spring)
  • Firm wood and  fiberboard frame thick  is medium
  • The headboard is padded with Polyurethane, footboard, and side rails
  • Botton on the headboard is silver

Zinus Deluxe Faux Leather Upholstered

Zinus Deluxe Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed with Footboard and Wooden Slats, Queen, Espresso- one of the products, which is sold mostly in platform bed system. The one is suitable to every structural house. Make it more and more luxurious it has owned.


  • Modern, clean style with strong mattress
  • Espresso is main luxurious color
  • Warrant 5 years
  • Headboard, footboard and wood slats, the mattress is available to sell separately

Furniture of America

How do you do to have a furniture that original America? Just easy!  Furniture of America Bellavie Wingback Platform Bed with Button-Tufting, Queen, Ivory- here, will respond all your’s cost $550.30, you own quickly a product as best as possible.


  • Modern style platform bed with high wing back
  • The headboard is padded by linen and button-tufted accents
  • Available mattress includes 4 thin slats(hardwood, wood, linen fabric, Cal-foam padding)
  • Overal size: 89”L X 66 1/2”W X 65”H
  • Available size: King, Califonia King
  • Ready color: green, ivory, silver

Fashion Bed Group

A product trends European style-suits every bedroom-be in fashion-be convenient- be beautiful- all only storage in Euro Platform Bed with Side Rails and Soft Upholstered Exterior, Sable Finish, King. Let go and enjoy!

  • King sized European-style platform bed is a design that suitable for every modern room
  • A design with hardwood frame interior and soft, hardy synthetic leather exterior
  • The pure Sable finish  keeps simply and classic style
  • Side rails, bent-wood slat deck, and center metal bar support all things that customers need.
  • Warrant 1 year

Baxton Studio Quincy Linen Platform Bed

Baxton Studio Quincy Linen Platform Bed, Queen, Dark Beige – a design comes from Malaysia. 100% reach the highest quality. Full sizes( King, Queen). Ensuring you have to rethink that you should choose one more when using it. So perfect!


  • Platform bed is Queen sized( include slats)
  • Its material is Hardwood, plywood and MDF frame
  • Upholstery is Dark beige linen and padded with polyurethane foam
  • Wood legs are in dark brown, so its look is really luxurious
  • Original product: in Malaysia

Zinus Faux Leather Upholstered

Coming to us – Zinus Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed with Wooden Slats, King, immediately. In here, you will own a good product with reasonable price. It’s cost $244.99 and now just $231.59. it means you will save $13.40 (5%). That’s why we advise you- the smart customer should call at and find out.

  • Zinus is a modern design. Besides, supporting with hardwood slat mattress
  • The frame is covered by black faux leather
  • It finds easy to assembly because all parts for making the bed are located in the zippered compartment on the back of the headboard.
  • The mattress is sold separately
  • Available size: Queen, King
  • Warrant 1 year


With 10 marvel platform beds above, it so regrets if you do not come and carry it back home. Make sure that you will be hard to be unsatisfied our products. It’s not only fashionable design, beautiful look, good material, good quality, luxurious model but also reasonable prices.therefore, going to us before unavailable products.

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